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Bill Trivett

About Bill Trivett…

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Bill Trivett has long been regarded as one of PA’s leading astrologers, metaphysical teachers, mentors and visionaries.  He has a successful and flourishing private counseling and teaching practice with clients and students throughout the United States.  He is nationally recognized for his integrity, professionalism, quality readings, and innovative teaching style.  His practice is based exclusively at his bookstore New Visions Books & Gifts in York, PA

As a visionary and ordained spiritual minister, Bill brings a gentle wisdom and loving humor to his life’s work.  In his mission to create excellence in his life, he teaches, guides and inspires others to create their own best future and “Discover the Magic in Their Lives”.

With numerous professional accomplishments and many, many years of experience in holistic/metaphysical education, Bill’s classes, trainings and workshops are dynamic, innovative and result producing.  His wit and humor make learning the sometimes abstract concepts of metaphysics very real, usable, and fun!

Personal Services with Bill Trivett…

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In these challenging times we often find ourselves in a state of confusion by what life is showing us.  From time to time it is healthy to take an objective look at what is going on in our lives and get insight on how we can make changes to avoid pain and make decisions that will bring us joy.

Tarot and Astrology have been used for centuries as tools for understanding and growth.  Bill is available exclusively at his bookstore New Visions Books & Gifts in York, PA to give private consultations using Astrology or Tarot.  His readings are clearing, insightful and inspiring, and are tape recorded for your review.  His faithful clientele can attest to his quality and integrity.  His love of Astrology and Tarot is evident in the enthusiastic way he reads for his clients.

It is good to see your astrologer on a regular basis, very much like to see your dentist or eye doctor, so you can keep up on the cycles of change in your life.

Bill is available Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 11am-5pm by appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome if he is not busy.

Do You Need a Good Reading?  Perhaps Some Validation, Insight, Clarity & Guidance…and Maybe a Little Peace of Mind?…




This is not really a new type of reading because I have been doing them for years, especially with long time clients.   I am offering them now because they seems to fit what most people need right now.  It’s more than just a tarot reading and less than a Natal Interpretation.

In this reading, I will first look at your astrology charts (natal, transits, progressed and solar return) and tell you what’s going on there.  Astrology is great for timing.  Then I will do a few tarot readings, which will not only validate the astrology information, but will give you more specific information to give you the insight, clarity, guidance and peace of mind you need now to face life’s challenges.   I need your birth date, birth place and birth time (if you have it) so I can prepare your charts ahead of time.  You do not need to have had your natal chart interpreted ahead of time to enjoy this reading.

Please allow about 45-50 minutes for this reading, and a few extra minutes so I can burn a CD so you can listen to your reading again in your spare time.

You are guaranteed to get a LOT of information out of this reading to help you make better choices in your life.   If you are looking for a great reading, give me a call or see me at New Visions Books & Gifts.

Cost:  $125 includes a recorded CD and copies of your astrology charts.  It’s good to have this reading done annually on or around your birthday, or on a regular schedule.  It’s a lot of BANG for the buck!  I am sure you will be pleased with your readings!

Other types of readings offered are…

Pricing as of January 1, 2016

Natal Interpretation…  $200

Using your correct time, date, and location of your birth, your own Natal Birth Chart is constructed.  Using your Natal Birth Chart, we can look at the bigger picture of your life.  Your Natal Birth Chart indicates your greatest challenges and potential.  It helps you to see your greatest self, identifies the issues and shows you where your best future lies.  Usually done once in a lifetime, it is best done on or around your birthday.  Please allow 90 minutes for this consultation.

Annual Astrology Updates…  $150

Using the Transits and your Solar Return, this consultation gives you a look at the current cycles and themes in your life right now and previews the year ahead.  Best done on or around your birthday (which, astrologically is your New Year), many of Bill’s clients look forward to having their Update year after year!  Please allow one hour for this consultation.

Tarot Reading…  $80

A tarot reading is especially helpful in giving you the insight you need now by answering life’s puzzling questions in romance, business, family, career, finances, etc.  It is good to have your cards read at least twice a year, or whenever you need clarity and guidance.  Please allow 30 minutes for this consultation.  A short reading (one question) is available for $40.

Telephone Reading…  $125

For your convenience, telephone readings are available.  Many of Bill’s clients, even local ones, find an advantage to having their readings done over the phone.  They are the next best thing to a personal consultation.  We can either do astrology or tarot, or a combination of both to give you the answers you need now.  Please allow about 30-45 minutes for this consultation.  Your CD is mailed to you immediately!

Compatibility Analysis…  $150

By comparing your chart to your lover’s friend’s child’s or business partner’s we can determine the strengths and weakness of the relationship.  This allows for better understanding, communication and improved compatibility.  Couples are welcome to sit in together!  Please allow 45 minutes for this consultation.

Specialized Chart…  $150

After you’ve had your own chart done, you may want to explore the charts of your family, children, friends and lovers.  This will give you better understanding of their personalities and behaviors which can lead to improved relationships.  Or perhaps your are wanting to explore the chart of your business to track it’s cycles of growth.  Or maybe your are looking to find that right time to set your wedding, open a business or perhaps move* (*Astro-Cartography).  There are many ways we can use astrology to give you the insight you need now to make better choices in your life!  Please allow one hour for this consultation.

Tarot Parties…  $30 per reading

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Tarot Parties are a fun and entertaining way to utilize Bill Trivett’s services!  And it is an excellent way to entertain and enlighten your guests.  Bill can come to your party or group gathering and read for your guests, co-workers or friends and family.  He can usually do 4-6 readings per hour, so plan your event accordingly. If the host(ess) chooses to pay for the entire party, the price is $125 perhour and the host(ess) reading is free.   Bill specializes in Platform style readings where readings are done on a board in front of the audience.  They are quite entertaining and definitely the best way to enjoy a Tarot Party!

All readings can be recorded for your review!

Other Cool Services…

After having a reading, you may discover that you want to delve deeper and work a little more intimately with Bill in other capacities.  Bill has the confidence, training, experience and compassion to successfully work with you in several different ways…

Past Life Regression…  $125

Using hypnosis, we can move back in time to review previous lifetimes.  By reviewing these lifetimes, we can discover certain qualities about ourselves that we never really understood, or review relationships that were confusing or not quite complete.  By integrating the knowledge we learn during the regression, we can begin to bring clarity and understanding into our life right now.  A Past Life Regression can be quite illuminating!  Please remember that not everyone can regress successfully.  Tape recorded for your review.  Please allow one hour for each session.

Hypnotherapy/NLP™…  $300 for 4 sessions

Hypnosis is a widely accepted modality of holistic therapy and has been used for ages to help individuals overcome stress, anxiety, bad habits and pain.  Through deep relaxation, we can get in touch with the subconscious mind and suggest and induce change that eventually manifests in the conscious state.  Usually four hypnotherapy sessions with Bill can be enough to help you to unblock certain blocks and move you toward living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.  Please allow one hour for each session.

NLP™ (Neuro Linguistics Programming) is the science of human excellence.  It is the study of communications and the effect it has on the nervous system.  By using NLP™ techniques in counseling, we can achieve dramatic results. NLP™ is used to overcome phobias and traumas, to change our past history, to change unwanted behavior patterns, and help clients overcome many blocks they are currently experiencing in their life.  Using NLP™ questioning techniques, Bill has the expertise to zero in on root causes to work from inside out.  After an NLP™ session with Bill, many clients ask “what happened?” and are surprised at the ease and the elegance of the therapy.  It is an easy and effortless way to create positive changes in our lives.  Please plan at least four sessions with Bill and have an idea of what you would like to change in your life.  Please plan at least one hour for each session.

Personal Life Coaching & Counseling…  $50 per hour

Perhaps you just need a some guidance on your path to creating and living a joyful life.  Perhaps some Life Coaching and some personal and spritual counseling would be the ticket to unblocking where you’re stuck and directing you in the right direction.  Bill has many tools to help you do just that.  Bi-weekly meetings with a minimum 6 month commitment is required to give you the support, encouragement and guidance you need NOW!   Allow 1 hour for your sessions.

Ministerial Services…  Fee Negotiable

As this world grows more accepting of diversity in beliefs and lifestyles, more and more people are approaching traditional life ceremonies and rites of passage in non-traditional ways.  As an ordained Spiritual Minister, Bill is available to do non-denominational weddings, commitment ceremonies, funerals, blessings and rituals.  Bill will work with you to create and officiate just the right setting and ceremony that will suit your needs, lifestyle and mindset.  Call Bill and set up an appointment to discuss your wants and needs, and to see if he “has the right stuff” to make your Major Life Event memorable and perfect.  Fees are negotiable depending on what is required.  A typical wedding is $250-$350.


How Can I Schedule A Reading Or Session with Bill Trivett?…

New Visions at NightBill is available in person most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at New Visions Books & Gifts to do private one-to-one readings or sessions with clients.  You should schedule at least one week in advance by calling New Visions Books & Gifts at (717) 843-8067 or 1-800-843-8067.  For new Astrology clients, Bill will need your birth date, birth place and exact birth time ahead of time so he can prepare your natal, solar return and transit charts.  After your reading you many keep your charts, or let Bill keep them on file.

Telephone readings are available by appointment.  To make an appointment, call the bookstore to set up your appointment at a mutually agreeable time.  At the agreed time you will then call Bill.  For out-of-state clients in time zones other than Eastern Time, please be mindful of the time change.  Your reading will be recorded for your review and the CD will be sent to you the next day.  New telephone clients must pre-pay for their reading by personal check, check card, Visa, or Mastercard.

If you need to cancel your appointment, as a courtesy to Bill please call to cancel or to reschedule as soon as you can.  No-shows will not be rescheduled without a valid excuse.

Readings and sessions can be paid for by cash, personal check or check card, Visa or Mastercard.  Gift certificates are also available for Bill’s services.

Make sure that you listen to your recording from time to time in the weeks and months following your reading or session,  Many people find the recording inspiring, insightful and even more meaningful in repeated listenings.

If you have enjoyed your reading or session with Bill and you can think of other friends or acquaintances in your sphere of influence that would find benefit and value in working with Bill, please have them call and schedule an appointment at (717)-843-8067 or 1-800-843-8067

All Services Are By Appointment Only

And Readings Can Be Recorded For Your Review