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Lecture Schedule


Lecture Schedule for 2016


All lectures are held in the Town Meeting Hall in the back of Memorial Hall East.  The area can accommodate up to 120 people.  All of the lectures are FREE.  They are a popular part of our Expo.  This year we have shortened the length of the talks to accommodate more speakers!  Each lecture is approximately 1/2 hour long.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Judy Kay

10:30am – Meet The Psychics Moderated by Judy Kay


11:15am – Meet the Healers Moderated by Rene Lynn McDonald

2011 Keynote Speaker Corbie Mitleid

12:00pm – What is Spiritual Awakening with Corbie Mitlied


12:45pm – Talking to Angels & Ascended Masters with Jill Matson


1:30pm  Loved Ones:  Always by Our Side with Francine Milano 


2:15pm – Insights from the great Mother Bible with Mare Cromwell

Billy 2015

3:00pm – Nature’s Pharmaceuticals with Billy Galloway

Keith expo pic 2

3:45pm – What is Nutrition Response Therapy? with Dr. Keith Sheehan


4:30pm – Mastering Your Energy to Align with Your Life’s Work with Crystal Kulpcavage


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Barbara3337sm (1)

10:30am – Enjoying Your Transformation with Barb Smeltzer


11:15am – Reincarnation:  Once is Not Enough with Deb Pietruszka

Matt and Kara

12:00pm – Soul Awakenings:  Navigation for Your Spiritual Path wit  Matt Suter and Kara Sylte

Tim Harris

12:45pm – Stones:  The Myth, The Magic and the Mystery with Tim Harris

Pat 2014

1:30pm – Making Friends with Saturn with Pat Dumas

My Pic (2) (1)

2:15pm – The Power of Holistic Wellness Teas with Nick Sabharwal

 Bill Sanda

3:00pm – Healing Through the Akashic Records with Bill Sanda

Dustin 2015

3:45pm – Healing Through Writing with Dustin Nispel