"Holding the Light in York, PA Since 1987"

Info for Vendors & Map of Memorial Hall


The New Visions Holistic Expo (formerly the Celebration of Life! Expo) is the creation of Rev. Bill Trivett and Rev. Bob Hall, co-owners of New Visions Books and Gifts.  Our expo has been in existence since 2001.  Memorial Hall East of the York Fair Expo Center in York, PA is the home to our expo (though for only 2019 we will temporarily be in the “Old Main” building).  York, PA is centrally located to Baltimore/Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg PA.  The facility is large and spacious, with a wonderful lobby and large clean restrooms.  There is a snack bar in the lobby.

Our expo has large 10′ wide aisles and the hall is very open, airy and fluid.  All booth spaces are either 10’x10′ or 10’x20′.  We do not use pipe and drape to separate our booths.  The absence of pipe and drape makes for an open atmosphere.  Our vendors are very creative in making their own separations with their neighbors.

Ours is a “who” not a “what” expo with emphasis on community.  Some of our vendors come quite a distance to be with us for the weekend.  Most of our vendors do quite well, especially if they have been with us for a long time and have established rapport with our Guests.   New vendors are encouraged to build relationships with our guests, and in doing so, they see their presence thrive.  Our Guests are very faithful.

As we said, most of our vendors do quite well and are satisfied with their return.  Since the very beginning, New Visions Books & Gifts and the New Visions Holistic Expo have been modeled on the concept of “Do What You Love & the Money will Follow.”  And that is what happens.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor/exhibitor at our show, please call us and talk to us in person.  Inasmuch as you can download the Vendor Packet, our contracts are not available online.  We must talk with you first and get an idea if we can work well together and to see if our expo fit your needs, or the other way around.   We are very careful to keep our offerings varied so we don’t have too many psychics , animal communicators or aura photographers, etc.  We are sure you understand.



If you are interested in becoming a vendor/exhibitor at our Expo

Please call us

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 10am-5pm Eastern Time
Friday 4:30pm – 7:00pm Eastern Time


(717) 843-8067       or       1-800-843-8067

Ask for Bob.  He would be happy to talk to you.


Here is the map of the “Old Main” building where we will be just for 2019.