"Holding the Light in York, PA Since 1987"

Mission Statement

DSC00726New Visions at Night

The purpose of New Visions Books & Gifts is to be one of the world’s best resource and education centers for conscious living and holistic wellness; to help raise the social and spiritual consciousness of Planet Earth; to build an increasing base of repeat patrons; to cultivate maximum volume and profit; and to create abundance and prosperity for the people who work here and for those who support us.

Our purpose is achieved by providing top quality, innovative events, workshops, classes, readings and lectures at reasonable prices; by providing special order and mail order services on books, audio and sidelines better than and faster than traditional sources; by providing an up-to-date selection and variety of innovative new products; by maximizing our use of technology and communications; by being competitive, proactive and aggressive in our approach to retailing; by providing top quality professional consultation services; and by networking with and supporting those who consistently support our purpose.

Our target audience is people who are seeking meaning for their lives and who are interested in personal and spiritual growth.  Our niche is our unique professionalism, integrity, honesty, consistency and innovation we bring to the field of New Age retailing.

Our identity is revealed by providing a happy, warm, spacious, beautiful, safe, supportive environment with sights, sounds, sensations, tastes and ambiance that create a full experience with each visit; by keeping all of our areas neat, clean, organized and professional at all times; by providing attentive knowledgeable assistance to all patrons; by developing a strong rapport with our repeat patrons by greeting them by name and knowing their interests; and by validating and honoring all of our patrons without judgment.

Bill Trivett & Bob Hall

April 1, 1987

Revised October 16, 1995; October 1, 1999, May 1, 2008